"Home Remedy: Rosie Newton and Lydia Garrison sing new and old songs, with a country flavor, and excellent harmonies" - Bound For Glory

"Both Lydia and Rosie grew up with deep connections to folk music traditions, and instrumental and vocal skills form an integral part of their performance." - Watkins Glen Fiddlers' Gathering

 "Your music was badass! And emotional. I'm inspired, thank you!" - Cassie, a singer and attendee at a Home Remedy concert

Home Remedy features original songs by Lydia Garrison written on fiddle, banjo and guitar, paired with Rosie Newton's emotive and powerful singing and playing on fiddle, accordion and guitar. Besides the original songs, they sprinkle in Old Time and Cajun fiddle tunes, and a few songs from the Folk cannon. They put their hearts into their music, and find a deep joy in it.

You may know Rosie from "Richie & Rosie" or “Rose and the Bros”, and Lydia from "The Turtle Duhks", or “The Darling Clementines” way back when.

Lydia Garrison: Vocals Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Songwriting.

Rosie Newton: Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Cajun Accordion.


Rosie and Lydia were both fortunate to grow up in families where music was part of the culture: for Rosie it was Old Time music, Scottish & Irish music, and Classical: her mother Abby Newton is a great Cellist who plays all these styles, and her father plays the piano accordion (like his father before him, and his father before him). Rosie grew up with music from in-utero onward, accompanying her parents to music camps and music parties where she honed her ear for playing along with different styles. Rosie attended Ithaca College for Viola performance, and soon became a rising star in the local Ithaca traditional music scene.

Lydia’s in-utero experience of music was her mother Gay Garrison learning the Old Time fiddle, and later Gay picked up Cajun Triangle, Rubboard and Guitar, then Old Time Guitar. Lydia went with her mother to music camps and festivals, where she was immersed in Cajun, Zydeco and Old Time music. The local GrassRoots festival became Lydia’s musical church, where she fell in love with local bands like Donna The Buffalo and The Jennie Stearns Band for their groove and songwriting. Later Lydia was mesmerized by music from Mali, West Africa, and was fortunate to do a study abroad in Bamako, Mali, studying the Jeli Ngoni and the Bamana language.

Rosie and Lydia are pleased to join forces in Home Remedy, where they can play “musical instruments” (pun intended) and hold hands vocally and in that deeper musical space. It is a joy.